Hi, I'm Jonathan Towry!

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Type II Phaser
iPad Sketches
Alec 2017 [WIP]
Adobe contest: The Storm #TakeTenContest
The Prioritas
The Andorian
Star Trek: Prioritas
Headers for online traning
Sakura Flowers Render
Lighting Experiment
Star Trek: Prioritas hallway
Star Wars Rebels Poster
Star Trek: Prioritas Characters
U.S.S. Prioritas Bridge
The U.S.S. Prioritas
"The Great Experiment"
Another Lighting and Texture Experiment
Super Pickle Man Title Graphic
Star Trek Ships: Defiant
Star Trek Ships: Oberth
Star Trek Ships: Excelsior All Views
Star Trek Ships: Excelsior
Logo a Story I'm Working On
At the Dock
The Island
Country Scene
Lighting and Texturing Experiment
Motion Graphic Background
logo for 3dp works
tee shirt design for gymanimalclothing.com
Logo for cinema brewers
Tee Shirt Designs for Cornerstone Ranch
Logo for "Critter File"
Logo for "Paleo Punks"
Logo for "FileMaker Guru"
Logo for "Jet Ballon"
Logo for Modular Pro 3D
Logo for "Privacy Router"
Logo for "Science Soup"
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